Quick Answer: Should I Announce My Pregnancy At My Wedding?

PG: Yes, it’s always best to play it on the safe side and keep an early pregnancy on the DL at a wedding.

But if the news gets out—say because you’re not drinking and wearing a suspiciously flowy dress—then the bride shouldn’t let someone’s happy news get in the way of her happy day.

Should I get pregnant before my wedding?

“Becoming pregnant a few weeks before your wedding should barely change anything the planning, but becoming pregnant 8 months before you wedding may require you to move your wedding date to sooner or later,” says Jodi Smith, etiquette expert and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

When should you announce your wedding date?

Send your wedding invitations out six to eight weeks prior to your wedding date.

How do you plan a wedding when pregnant?

Here are some tips for planning your big day with a growing bump.

  • Figure out timing.
  • Delegate as much as possible.
  • Buy the right dress.
  • Build extra time into the schedule.
  • Get an early start.
  • See more: 5 Super-Flattering Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Bridesmaids.
  • Keep food within arm’s reach.
  • Prep the altar.

What should I be doing 6 months before my wedding?

4-6 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Choose bridesmaids’ dresses.
  2. Choose and order wedding invitations & stationery.
  3. Attend pre-marriage counselling – if required (for Catholic ceremonies)
  4. Meet with your florist to discuss options.
  5. Shop for a groom’s suit.
  6. Rent the men’s formalwear.

What should I be doing 5 months before my wedding?

Five to Four Months Before

  • Book the rehearsal and rehearsal-dinner venues. Negotiate the cost and the menu.
  • Check on the wedding invitations.
  • Select and order the cake.
  • Send your guest list to the host of your shower.
  • Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fittings.
  • Schedule hair and makeup artists.
  • Choose your music.

Is it OK to get married while pregnant?

Yes, things happen and people divorce, but that’s not the aim of a wedding. For that reason, simply being pregnant is not reason enough to get married. Once you’ve made the call to get married while pregnant, then it is full steam ahead!

Should you announce your wedding date on Facebook?

Share The Wedding Date

Sharing the date on Facebook is perfectly fine since most of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances will likely ask you about the big day. But keep any status updates short and to the point to be sensitive to the broader audience — that is, those who won’t be participating in the wedding.

How do you announce a wedding?

The Timeline: When to Send Wedding Announcements

  1. Confirm your wedding guest list.
  2. Create a mailing list for your wedding announcement cards.
  3. Know wedding day details.
  4. Select an appropriate photo.
  5. Create your wedding announcement cards.
  6. Give your cards to a designated helper if you’re mailing the day after.
  7. Get married.

How do you decide on a date to get married?


  • Consider whether there are any specific dates that are special to you and your significant other.
  • Plan around your honeymoon, if you plan to take one.
  • Pick the season or the month in which you’d like to get married.
  • Consider the day of the week.
  • Decide whether you want to be married indoors or outdoors.

How do you hide a pregnancy bump at a wedding?

With the right accents, brides can hide a baby bump by simply drawing the eye away from it. Deep V-necks create a long, lean appearance and draw the eye up and away from the waistline. Cap sleeves and bared backs also create a focal point far away from the bump. Use accessories to hide your bump as well.

What is a child born before marriage called?

A bastard or illegitimate child is one born out of lawful wedlock. A child may be born out of lawful wedlock, either because he is the child of a woman who is not lawfully married at all, or because he is the child of a woman who is lawfully married, but upon whom he is begotten by another than her lawful husband.”

Can a wedding dress be altered for pregnancy?

You may not require as many alterations to your wedding dress, as you are in the early stages of pregnancy. For brides in their second or even third trimester, there are far more complications. Keep in mind; you should never judge a woman on past pregnancies because they are all unique.

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