Quick Answer: What Does Barring A Child Mean?

Definition of childbearing.

: of or relating to the process of conceiving, being pregnant with, and giving birth to children women of childbearing age.

What do you mean by barring?

English Language Learners Definition of barring

—used to say that something will happen unless something else happens. : other than (someone or something)

Is it Baring or barring?

Baring is a conjugation of the verb to bare, which means to expose. Bearing is a conjugation of the verb to bear, which has many meanings, including to carry and to endure. To bear is to endure, among other things. Neither word can be substituted for the other.

How do you use Barring in a sentence?

Sentence Examples

  • Barring her door, she then crossed to the spare bedchamber.
  • He took the stairs three at a time and strode into the chambers, barring the door behind him.
  • With renewed caution, the pair followed the chalk arrow, not the stones, expecting any minute to find someone barring their return.

What does it mean to be barred from a country?

verb. Barred means something was prevented from happening, or that something like metal or wood was placed over a door to prevent entry. An example of barred is when someone blocks a door so you may not enter a premises.

What is the use of call barring?

Call Barring lets you bar certain types of calls from being made from your phone and also lets you bar incoming calls.

How do I remove call barring?

1. Find “Voice call”

  1. Press Phone.
  2. Press MORE.
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Press More settings.
  5. Press Call barring.
  6. Press Voice call.
  7. Key in your call barring password and press OK to activate or deactivate the function.
  8. Press the Home key to end the session and return to the Home screen.

What is call barring settings?

A telephone service feature that restricts certain types of outgoing calls (such as international calls) and/or incoming calls (such as from undesirable callers).

What does barring mean on a phone?

call barring. noun [ U ] COMMUNICATIONS a phone service that allows users to stop receiving calls from particular numbers or stops someone from making calls to particular numbers: You can use call barring to prevent someone from making international calls.

Has no bearing meaning?

to be relevant/not relevant to something, or to have an influence/no influence on it. His private life has no bearing on his competence as a manager. To have an effect:shape, impact, affect Not relevant or appropriate:irrelevant, inappropriate, unimportant

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