How do you attend a virtual baby shower?

What do you say at a virtual baby shower?

See how a great online baby shower works

  1. “Baby is here, and Mom is great. Come to our shower to celebrate!”
  2. “Mom and baby are healthy and happy. They’d be even happier if you would celebrate with them!”
  3. “The baby is well; his mommy is well. You’re invited to our shower!”

Do you give favors at a virtual baby shower?

Looking for a way to up the ante on virtual baby shower games? Since you won’t be able to physically hand out small favors at the end of the shower, reward game winners with a small baby shower prize like an egift card, which you can buy and send all online.

How long is a virtual baby shower?

One to two hours should be all the time you need, depending on how many guests you have. Pick a date that gives gifts enough time to arrive (factor in shipping delays).

How do you give food to a virtual baby shower?

7. Food

  1. Create mini recipes for your guests like chicken salad or dips to make the day of the shower and have everyone showcase their dishes.
  2. Send cupcakes, mini cakes and candy bars to your guests ahead of the shower date.
  3. Give out gift cards to restaurants, eateries or tea shops.
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